“Buck Fifty” Participants Stoked to be Running on All of Their Old Drinking Roads

Frankfort native Arthur Savage has a long road to run this coming weekend. Fortunately, he spent the ages of 18 to 21 back road drinking on that exact stretch.

The Buck Fifty is a 150 mile relay race being run April 7-8 all over Chillicothe and the rest of Ross County that benefits drug abuse prevention in the area.

“It’s gonna be awesome. This is just gonna be memory lane for me.” said, Savage, a 37 year old father of two.

The avid runner, since his divorce a year ago, is wild eyed with nostalgia.

“One time me and my buddy Charlie were out there with a twelve pack of bottles and we hit every single sign with empties. Hell, I got laid there on the side of the road after prom.”

Laura Spaulding, a nurse from Londonderry had this to say about her run.

“It won’t be the first time I’ve puked on that road. Only this time I’ll be dead sober.”

So this coming weekend keep an eye out for the Buck Fifty runners and if you runners get a wild hair after the race for a brews cruise or a ridge ride, be sure to take a designated driver.

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