New Report Confirms Rodan and Fields Chillicothe’s Biggest Employer

New job numbers show that Adena Medical Center and the Drug Dealers Union Local 1803 have been surpassed as this city’s number one and two employers. The multi-level marketing (pyramid scam) company, Rodan and Fields takes the top spot by creating entrepreneurs of every girl you knew from high school.

“I used to sell life insurance but this way I can make even less money and still annoy the piss out of my friends.” Said one bright eyed consultant. “The easiest part of selling this stuff is just convincing my friends that something is wrong with the skin on their faces and most of them already believed that anyway.”

When a recent purchaser of the products was asked what her thoughts were, she said “I’m really just trying to support my friend so she can have something good going for her. I’ll probably join her sales team just to make her happy.”

It just may be the perfect business strategy.

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