Local Man with PhD Insists on Being Called “Doctor”

Kevin Deuce has a lot of pride in his accomplishments. That’s certainly understandable. This thirty something, unemployed bachelor just received his PhD in history from the University of Massieville. While his friends and family are very proud of him, Kevin becomes annoyed when they forget to use his title when addressing him.
“Doctor…Kevin Deuce. It’s not that hard to say.” Mr. Deuce said with a pleading look. “Make sure you quote me as Dr. Deuce.”
“I’ll get right on that.” I told him with an exaggerated eye roll.

Kevin’s family have supported and encouraged him all the way.
“It’s really great to have a doctor in the family.” says Mabel Deuce, Kevin’s mother. “I’m so proud of our boy.”
“He’s not a real doctor, Mom.” chimed in Kevin’s brother Melvin. “When someone says to call a doctor, Kevin can’t come heal them with history.”
This kid Melvin is pretty sharp.

Friends of Kevin have been honoring his insisted title but it is starting to wear on them.
“This doctor stuff has got to stop.” says Kevin’s friend Willy Fry. “It was funny for the first couple days but now it’s just annoying. He’s kind of a turd.”

When reached for final comment Mr. Kevin Deuce had only this to say.
“I swear I’m a doctor.”

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