Paper Mill Stack Paint Job To Include Tasteful Nudes

What is art?
To Steven Everheart there’s nothing more expressive than the female form. Steven is a painter. His latest canvas is the all too familiar “stink stack” at the paper mill that has long been a landmark for Chillicothe.

“It’s gonna be something we can all appreciate. The freshly painted red and white will make a fine backdrop for the several mildly erotic figures I have prepared.” Steven says creepily. “The real trick is gonna be doing it all in one night.”

The thing is, Mr. Everheart doesn’t work for the contractor that has been painting the stack. In fact his origin and motivation remains a mystery. This perverted Banksy’s plan just seems to be painting large breasted women in public places. His little known masterpieces include a topless Carmen Electra on the Hoover Damn and a surprisingly youthful Pamela Anderson on a runway of the Atlanta International Airport.

The authorities have tightened security in the area after catching wind of the devious plan, but Steven remains dedicated. So keep an eye on the stack to the south. You may just get a show.
I asked him why he would go to all of the trouble for a job that will obviously be covered up. His somewhat heroic reply…

“The people demand naked chicks! These may not be the nudes this town needs but definitely the nudes it deserves.”

Good luck, Steven.


Steven’s artwork can be found on his portfolio website,

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